Total Planning

Daiten sushi

  • Sushi

By using selected solid hinoki counter and as many natural materials as possible, the kitchen looks simple but it can have Japanese modern style.

Nihao Main store

  • Chinese cuisine

Installed a steam convection oven to focus on Chinese sweets and dim sum for female customers and it enables us to provide menu items that appeal wide range of customers. It made the work flow line better and also made the operation more efficient.

Nakame table tennis lounge Kawasaki branch

  • Restaurant Bar

Business style that unites both a table tennis alley and a lounge bar.
It is restaurant that has retro flavored interior by effective use old factory site , and allow you to eat and drink while enjoying table tennis.

Nakakubo shop

  • Convenience store
  • Lunch box

The kitchen installed a steam convection oven, Vacuum packing machine and blast chiller.
The advance preparation for cooking by new cooking system reduce tasks of a cook.

Sogou Yokohama

  • Bakery
  • delicatessen

Front glass can be opened upward, so you can display items easily and clean.

Restaurant ”A la campagne” Shinyurigaoka

  • sweets

Large semicircular design prevents items from appearing to be distorted by the reflection of light that is particular to round processing glass.