Eco-Friendly The fact that every step of the manufacturing process from the design through the inspection is done in Japan is evidence of its reliability and high quality.

  • 01 Made in Japan
  • 02 Overseas specification (220V/240V)
  • 03 Eco-friendly

This is what Daiwa can offer

Reducation of annual electricity charge

78% of annual electric cost is reduced compared to our previous models. “Ecozo-kun E the triple inverter-controlled compressor, revised condensation fan, and improved insulation make it a reality.

Adoption of a high temperature insulation structure BOX

A newly-developed energy saving BOX cuts off conduction of cold inside to an outside metal plate. Arranging resinous corners that prevent heat invasion in each place prevents cooling loss and enables efficient operation.

The electricity cost reduced by roughly US $438 per year

A 78% energy savings resulted in an annual savings of US$435 compared to our 2004 model.
*Test calculation for 421CD-EC

Details are on the product description pages.

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