Efforts to environment / Quality policy

To Create Eco-Friendly Products

Daiwa strives to manufacture and develop eco-friendly products. We install CFC-free thermal insulators made with “cyclopentane”, a natural refrigerant, to reduce Global Warming Potential from 950-890 down to 31.We upgraded heat exchange rates by using condensation fan motors, DC power supplied compressors to reduce operation rates, and freezer and refrigerator combined condenser to reduce the exhaust heat.

Solar Power is Generated at Our Factory

We installed a solar power system in May 2013 at the Saiki Factory (Saiki-city, Oita), one of our main factories striving to coexist with our beautiful green nature on the Earth.
"Environment" is one of the key components of our business. To protect environment and provide sustainable energy, we produce 1,790,000kWh annually (about the energy consumed by 500 households) from our large solar panel with 1,800kW capacity.
Please watch us to see how we manage to adapt renewable energy such as solar power generation to our business as a manufacturer of equipment for kitchen and store freezer / refrigerator.

Quality Policy at Saiki Factory

Quality Policy

Daiwa Industries has been contributing to the food culture development by fulfilling our global customers' needs by manufacturing commercial refrigerators, ice makers, cold chain machines or products that can be set at stores. All of our products are made to keep "food safety and quality" and to be "eco-friendly".

  1. We aim to contribute to food culture development by fulfilling the needs of our customers and improving the quality of products and services.
  2. We strictly comply our own standards and public laws, and request that agreed by organizations.
  3. We practice and set quality standards for every year and aim for the target.
  4. We review the management regularly and try to improve our quality management system to sustain the quality of the products.