Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy
"To Contribute to Prosperity of the Society"
・Fulfill the needs of customers
・Improve the lives of employees
・Plan well for sustainable corporate growth
Fundamental Philosophy
Aim to create, plan and practice for a strong management

Company spirit

We have adopted “Orca” from 1997 as a character mark representing corporate spirit.
In 2018, we have renewed a character mark on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.


With larger eyes than before, we express it as global perspective with an eye to overseas markets, familiarity and spirit of considering things from the customer's perspective. We aim for further evolution and development.

We aim for the expanding market with a keen foresight like “Orca”.
With the motto of a new challenge, we will fulfill the customer satisfaction and develop our product to meet customer’s needs and improve our service quality.
We will grow together with our customers.