Company's Profile


Osaka Head Office
Daiwa Reiki Uehonmachi DRK bldg. 3-13 Obase-cho,
Tennoji-ward Osaka-city 543-0028 Japan
TEL. +81-6-6767-8171

Tokyo Head Office
Daiwa Reiki Akihabara DRK bldg. 2-4-3 Taito,
Taito-ward, Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
TEL. +81-3-5816-5151

In operation since February 1st, 1958
Established on November 28th, 1962
Representatives President and representative director Atsushi Ozaki
Capital 9,907.03 million yen
Sales 43.94 billion yen (Dec. 2022)
Number of employees 2,398(Dec. 2022)
Stock exchange listing Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime
Stock code:6459 (Machinery)

1 overseas sales department, 20 sales departments, 202 offices, 9 corporate sales departments, 19 corporate sales sections, 2 store kitchen sections, 19 store kitchen departments, 19 service centers, 3 distribution centers, 3 factories (Jun. 2023)

Business domains
  1. Manufacture, sale and lease of freezers, refrigerators, showcases, ice makers, vending machines and cooling system applied products
  2. Installation work of the cooling equipment, and manufacture and sale of its parts
  3. Manufacture, sale and lease of kitchen equipment, devices and parts
  4. Plan, design and construction of stores and kitchens
  5. Construction work
  6. Business related to power generation and selling electricity
  7. All business related to the above numbers